Earn Money Free Online: 8 Ways to Do This

Are you looking for a side hustle to earn money free online?

What would you do with a bit of extra money each week? Pay bills? Buy groceries? Perhaps save it for a vacation or a deposit for a house?

Luckily, it’s never been easier to earn money free online from the comfort of your own home!

The internet offers numerous opportunities for you to make money free online.

Unfortunately, the internet can also be a minefield of scammers. Because of this, many who have dreamed of earning a part-time or full-time income from home have given up. However, if you’re dreaming of a way to supplement or replace your income at home, you can do so if you know where to look.

This article will show you eight ways you can start with to earn money free online right from your bedroom. Are you interested yet? Let’s dig in into all the methods.

Become a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant is essentially an office or personal assistant that serves clients from home rather than a traditional office setting.

If you can copy and paste data, then you can quickly become a virtual assistant. While some of the tasks involved may be more complicated than copying and pasting, most tasks will not need much skill or experience yet can earn you a healthy amount if you find the right client.

You’ll likely answer emails, set appointments, and spend time making various types of spreadsheets.

  • Essentially, being a virtual assistant is like being a freelancer. You can have multiple clients at once. Generally, the pay rate ranges from $10 per hour as an entry-level assistant, to about $40 per hour for highly experienced ones.
  • Like most freelancers, you can also find virtual assistant jobs on freelance websites and Craigslist.

There are dedicated sites online, such as Upwork, where you can bid for virtual assistant jobs. You can also find work on social media if you keep your eyes open.

Sell on eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace.

The classic method of making money online is selling your own product. Whether you make aprons, clothing, and kitschy décor or you’re selling manufactured cell phone accessories, there’s a place for your business on the internet.

We all have things around our homes that we no longer want or need. Rather than leaving them to gather dust, you could list them for sale online.

To make money online by selling products, you must market your business diligently. Employ search engine optimization tactics, start a blog for your business, ensure that your website is easy to navigate, and embark on an advertising campaign to attract buyers.

You could even buy from other sellers cheaply before relisting the items for a small profit yourself.

Trade cryptocurrency.

While cryptocurrency is still relatively new, plenty of people online make money by trading Bitcoin or digital currency. As with anything else you want to sell, the way to profit is to sell at a higher price than you bought it.

Sell services As Freelancer.

If you have any skill, such as writing, design, or many others, you can offer your services on one of the many marketplaces online.

Work may be slow when you first start selling on these sites, but once you start making sales and your reputation grows, you can begin to make more money.

Take advantage of your scheduling flexibility and begin seeking paid work online. If possible, ask your current employer or existing clients if they’d be comfortable allowing you to work from home.

  • Careers that often work well with freelancing include writing and editing, consulting, marketing, transcription, medical coding, web/graphic designing, voiceover work, and programming.
  • Find clients by optimizing your website for the search engines, contacting local businesses, applying for gigs on Craigslist, and applying for freelance job openings on bidding sites.

Some of the most popular bidding sites for freelancers are,,,,, and

Start a blog to earn money free online.

Do you have a particular passion or subject that you know a lot about? If you do, consider writing a blog. Whether your passion is dogs or fashion, if you can write about the subject, then your audience will grow.

As a blogger, you’re totally your own boss. But with this freedom also comes great responsibility. You’re in charge of creating daily blog posts, driving traffic to your blog, and sourcing advertisers for your blog. For tremendous success, you’ll also want to build a list of targeted subscribers.

  • The income for a blogger varies widely. You’re paid by advertising revenue, rather than on a per project basis. Plus, you can make money from selling your products or the products of others for a commission through your blog and newsletter. Your income is directly correlated with your skills, efforts, and likeability.
  • Keep your day job for at least a year. It takes a while to build up income in a blog. Some blogs can take two years or more to build up revenue that’s equivalent to your current salary.

Before long, you’ll be able to earn money from commissions from products you recommend or from accepting advertising, like Google Ads, on your site.

Social media management.

Nowadays, most people and businesses have a social media presence. So if a company wishes to reach its target audience, it’s important to keep posting content to its social media accounts. This is where you can come in and offer your social media management services.

If you have any experience growing a social media following, you can charge these companies to grow their channels.

Affiliate marketing to earn money free online.

Affiliate marketing involves creating content to promote various product offers and services. You receive a commission for any product bought from your affiliate link. In addition, you can promote these products on your blog or social media accounts.

If you’re inconsistent and sporadic with your efforts, you’ll be lucky to make $100 in a year. But if you’re consistent and diligent with your efforts, the sky’s the limit on your earnings.

There are thousands of niches to choose from, with plenty of money to be made from selling in-demand products.

You can find products to promote from marketplaces like Clickbank, Amazon, or JVZoo. You can also find many websites that offer affiliate programs for their products.

  • Affiliate marketing is all about doing your research before you begin trying to make money and most of your money will come by planting seeds. In this industry, “seeds” are affiliate links. The more affiliate links you have on the net, the more money you’ll make.
  • It can take months to see serious income as an affiliate marketer. It’s common to earn just $10 for the first few months of your affiliate marketing career, and then all of a sudden to start earning $2,000, $4,000, or more per month.

Create online courses.

This can also be a great way to make money at home by teaching others how to do any skill that you know. But, again, there are many ways to do this.

You can create a digital product that you could sell, like an eBook.

You could create a YouTube channel where you teach your skills to others. With YouTube, you may not make much money to start, but if you stick with it, creating new videos regularly, then you could grow a following and create a passive income stream that could last for years.

Create courses to upload to course marketplaces like Udemy, Teachable, Kajabi, or many more. You make money by selling access to your lessons.

Conclusion on How to Earn Money Free Online

Basically, if you know how to do anything online or learn more about a topic than the average person, you can monetize that skill or knowledge online.

While there are still many scams on the internet, a bit of legwork can help you find legitimate ways to make money from home. Seek forums for like-minded people online that can guide you in the right direction and help you steer clear of scams.

Remember that no legitimate work at home opportunity asks you to pay in advance to work for them. Above all, use discretion and proceed with caution. Nevertheless, give the above options a try for a legitimate way to put more cash in your pocket and more freedom into your schedule!

So which side hustle do you fancy? To earn money free online at home is certainly possible, and for some of the ideas, you need very little skill or expertise, making them suitable for just about anyone.

Written by Abdallah Taleb

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