How to Boost your Income: 11 Side Jobs to Start Now

How to boost your income? Well, getting a second job is definitely an option. It is as simple as that.

Needing a second job from time to time is a common experience. If you keep a close eye on your finances, you’ll know when it’s time to look for a second position.

Although arriving at the decision to seek a part-time job to supplement your full-time wages may not be easy, earning extra money to get your budget in better shape is something to be proud of.

When working a second job, consider these precautions:

  • Take care to avoid conflicts between your full-time and part-time positions.
  • Ensure you continue to be on time to your “day job” and that you get proper rest to continue the great work you’re doing there.
  • Finally, refrain from getting burned out as working two jobs can trigger stress overload.

If it’s time to start applying for part-time work to boost your income, think about expanding your repertoire of possible positions.

Some of the best part-time jobs are actually interesting and expose you to fascinating experiences.

Part Time Jobs to Boost Your Income

These part-time jobs may inspire you to find just the right second “career” to bring in some extra cash.

Reading Centers Jobs

Reading centers are found in small towns and big cities. They employ people – like you – to help children and adults improve their reading skills.

Such jobs are flexible in terms of times you can work and you’ll encounter interesting people. So not only you would try to boost your income, but you will meet exquisite people along the way. It’s a win-win situation I believe.

Adult Education Centers Jobs: Boost your Income by helping others

Similar to reading centers are adult education centers. They often need tutors and others to help with evening classes.

Even if you aren’t a certified teacher, there still might be opportunities for you at your local adult education center to grab a job that pays you well.

Test Preparations

The test preparation business is booming all over the U.S. Helping teens study for their SATs, for example, pays quite well.

If you have the right credentials, you can teach test preparation courses.

Test Proctoring

First, let’s explain what test proctoring is. Remember when you were in a test, and you had your teachers monitoring every move you do in the test? Well, this is test proctoring.

You hated them I know, but now you can be one of them.

Test proctoring also pays well. Proctoring – monitoring people who are taking tests – is a great part-time job.

If you’re interested in this type of work, contact your local high schools and universities to inquire about how to apply.

Tutoring To Boost Your Income

Whether it’s helping a grade-schooler learn math or assisting a high school student in brushing up on history, consider tutoring as a second job you can do to boost your income stream.

Check your local schools for information on the qualifications required for tutors and the application process.

Working in an Auditorium

If you live in a university town, you’re in luck. Since universities tend to have auditoriums or “centers” where shows, concerts, and plays take place, you might like to apply for work there.

All types of positions are available, such as taking tickets, escorting people to their seats, or helping out with productions and backstage work when shows come to town.

Edit college term papers

Editing college term papers is a very good side job that pays highly.

What you need to do is to advertise on bulletin boards in the dorms and on online boards for your local colleges and universities to earn a few bucks polishing up students’ papers.


Food delivery or any delivery job is a good choice for you.

Pizza delivery is a very respectable, good 2nd job. Some pizza businesses pay between $10 and $20 per hour for pizza deliveries. Some businesses will even furnish you with a car to use to deliver the pizzas.

Waiter/Waitress Job to boost Your Income

Another part-time job that has a lot of flexibility is a waiter/waitress. Because of the flexible hours and the opportunity for nice tips if you perform well and establish relationships, being a wait staff might be the perfect part-time job for you. Don’t forget about the chance of getting free meals!


If you’ve wanted to try your hand in the medical profession, your local hospital most likely has evening positions where they require workers who can be counted on.

  • A phlebotomist is the person that collects blood from hospital patients.
  • Some hospitals don’t even require you to have phlebotomy certification to do the job.
  • 3 day training in phlebotomy can be obtained online for a fee.

Evening and overnight hours in the hospital are often available for those willing to do this type of work.

Become a Money Advisor

Help others manage their money.

If you’re good with numbers, your local budget counseling center might employ you on a part-time basis to help people manage their personal budgets. You can learn about investing, saving money, and budgeting from the internet as well.

Although you may not look forward to obtaining a second job, these positions could provide you the extra funds you desire while providing you the opportunity for making new friends and working in a stimulating environment.

Written by Abdallah Taleb

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